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Am Having issues with My Wireless 1 My laptop had dual boot windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.04 I upgraded to windows 8 and after the first 2-3 reboots all was working well in windows and ubuntu then my wireless in ubuntu stoped working saying "wifi is disabled by hardware switch" the hardware switch has no effect I removed network manager installed new firmwares and still nothing the wifi was not working in a moment of testing I installed wifi radar and this can detect the wireless signals and at one point it connected but still Network manger still says disabled.

My Laptop is a HP Pavilion dm4 2070us with Wireless Centrino N 1000

I have updated to 13.10 thinking it would fix it but still nothing

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This is sorted after removing CMOS battery for 1 minute

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You've probably pressed the airline mode key by mistake. It's to prevent wireless use on airplanes.

On my machine it is the F12 key with a vertical line and samller brackets around the top half of it (supposed to be a transmitter/receiver image). Find yours and press it. It's a 'toggle' switch so pressing it by mistake is a frequent thing (at least for me!). But easy to correct.

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Pressing that has no effect –  Peter Kihara Oct 18 '13 at 13:15

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