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I upgraded to 13.10. Compiz itself has been updated properly to, but in CCSM, one* plugin (Grid) shows up as the old version. I know it has been changed and I can actually see the updated version when I log in with another user. This hints of some kind of a problem with per-user settings?

(* Actually I'd expect this to involve other if not all other plugins too, but I have simply not yet noticed others.)

So far I have tried:

  • resetting Compiz settings to defaults (GUI-way) does not help
  • completely removing & reinstalling compizconfig-settings-manager and compiz-plugins packages does not help

In 13.04, I had a patched/old version of the plugin, but I doubt it is about that since everything is fine with the other user (that user account existed already in 13.04).

What configuration files I should try deleting?

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Found solution

I backupped all CCSM settings by exporting the configuration file (including the default values):

CCSM > Preferences > Export

Then I deleted the following folders:


Not sure which of those did the trick, but just in case I decided to remove all of them - I've retained those since 12.10 anyway...

Restarted Unity/Compiz via the terminal:


Then imported the backup of the settings. Now the Grid plugin is working properly.

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