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In order to get a working low-power video card setup I decided to use a custom xserver from Andrikos:ppa. It worked well, but when the official release caught up to the bug fixes I dried to drop the PPA packages and there are some of them I can not get rid of.

Packages were from here:

I know how to down grade packages using Synaptic (Force Version...) and apt-get package=version. However, with some of the packages there are so many dependencies that is is no feasible to uninstall them all (as Synaptic wants to do).

This is what I would like to do:

sudo apt-get install -f libncurses5=5.9-10ubuntu4 libncursesw5=5.9-10ubuntu4 libncurses5:i386=5.9-10ubuntu4 libncursesw5:i386=5.9-10ubuntu4 libtinfo5=5.9-10ubuntu4 libtinfo5:386=5.9-10ubuntu4

But I get several hundreds of packages that have to be removed to meet the request. Does anyone have any tips on removing the PPA packages?

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I think ppa-purge would solve your problem.

Install it:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge  

Then run:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:andrikos/ppa
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Thanks, worked like a charm! I did have to do sudo ppa-purge ppa:andrikos/ppa to get it to remove. Just for my information, is this application a script for existing apt-get functionality? If so, can I do the same operation without ppa-purge? – CodePoet Oct 19 '13 at 1:38
@CodePoet Hmm. I'm not sure. I'll do a little research on that. I fixed the command in the answer so that someone else won't have the same problem :) – Seth Oct 19 '13 at 1:43
@CodePoet Yes, the whole thing is one big (well, rather big) bash script. You can take a look here. So technically you could do the same on your own, although someone obviously thought it was too much work since they wrote this ;) – Seth Oct 19 '13 at 1:50

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