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I installed Ubuntu a while ago, alongside Windows 7. One time, while updating Ubuntu, my computer turned off (my charger was not properly connected). This must have happened at an unfortunate moment in the update process, as afterwards I could no longer start Ubuntu.

I recently tried reinstalling using Wubi again, only this time I wanted to try the various other flavours, starting with Kubuntu. However, as the Kubuntu-install process was starting and the logo appeared with five dots underneath, something happened. The screen suddenly froze in a glitch-like picture, before the mouse-arrow appeared on top of it.

The mouse-arrow responded to input, but there wasn't anything to click on the glitchy screen. I could dim and brighten the display, but pressing any other combinations of keys didn't have any effect. Also, my computer started running incredibly warm, the fan blowing like crazy. Don't know how important that is, just an observation.

What has happened? This happens every time I try to boot into Kubuntu. Is there maybe some remnant of the broken Ubuntu-install I had from before that is causing me problems? Anyone familiar with this error, or know a solution?

Edit: I should mention that this error also happened to Ubuntu when it broke. This is what is causing me to think the two problems are related.

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What graphics driver do you have? Edit your questions with that and your other computer specs. –  bcbc Oct 18 '13 at 1:24

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