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Toshiba Satellite LD355 S7817 Intel 82801H. Have low volume earphone, no sound from external speakers.

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/UpgradingAlsa says

Sometimes upgrading sound drivers will help you fix an issue with your sound. There are several ways to upgrade your ALSA sound drivers.

First, some words of caution:

Warning /!\ Make sure you only have one override of ALSA drivers installed at a time. Make sure you uninstall the previous override before trying a new one, otherwise it is unclear which version will take precedence.

How to "have one override", and how to "uninstall previous override" ? I'd like to take these precautions before I (a newbie) installs per this ask.ubuntu website. Apparently, my ALSA drivers outdated.

Thnx ! .

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