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I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite s70 and customized it to have nvidia GEFORCE graphics card. I have ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my old laptop and created a 13.04 and 13.10 install usbs. I jump through the hoops to get to the usb boot, and am able to get to the grub menu. From there, when I try either the "Try Ubuntu Without Installing" or the "Install Ubuntu" option, the screen seems to shut off, and nothing happens. If I look at the install code thing, it says quiet splash and I've tried nomodesetbut all that does is load a shell. Basically startx fails, and I just get the I/O stream. I want to install it side by side windows 8, any solutions?

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Have you dual monitors set up or dual graphics card? – Braiam Oct 18 '13 at 0:39