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After upgrading to 13.10 and reading this post: im wondering if the "initial optimus support" from nvidia or the bumblebee soulution brings better performance. I didnt understand how the inital support works. As mentioned in the post, GTK2 theming in firefox seems to be broking somehow.

Does everyone have a quick info what is recommended right now with 13.10?

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The well named "initial support", is an initial support. Basically that means you could use full power of your optimus graphic card without no need of bumblebee/prime. But, you will soon notice that battery life will strongly decrease (In my case around 1h).

I would recommend you to keep bumblebee installed to keep a "normal" battery life.

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Thanks for your reply! Though the battery-increase may be higher, i will stick to the initial support.The old firefox lock is a bit anoying , but i think this will be fixed soon. Furthermore all my steam games are working perfectly, so i can enjoy playing some dota and stuff. I can hardly complain :) One more question. The Intel Gpu is in use while using the normal desktop, is it? It's not like the whole system is being rendered by the nvidia gpu or? – Wrigley Oct 22 '13 at 17:05
@Wrigley I think the whole system is being rendered by the nvidia gpu. – S Prasanth Nov 6 '13 at 20:22

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