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I am trying to use 32"LCD monitor with my ubuntu 10.10 installation. I am trying to use my laptop screen and external monitor at the same time but having two separate desktops. I also want to use my laptop with 1280x800 resolution and external one with 1920 x 1080 using VGA.

However, ubuntu sees my external LCD as a CRT and provide 13....x... resolution at the best not above.

My graphics card driver is Nvidia 270.... driver.

Is ubuntu capable of using two monitors separately or should i give up?

Thank you

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I would recommend to install a tool called disper. It's a command line tool focused on NVIDIA-drivers, because they don't support xrandr.

Info: Disper homepage

Installation: PPA for Disper on launchpad

You can also look at my answer to a similar question. There are some example scripts i use with disper: Switching Monitors

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Ubuntu does support multiple monitor configurations. You should be able to configure how things are displayed from the Monitors control panel (under System -> Preferences).

If you are using the proprietary Nvidia driver, you might need to use the Nvidia specific settings tool instead.

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