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Following on from an excellent answer provided by user Gilles, I'd like to ask whether there's a file system particularly well-suited for fairly heavy torrent use.

Soon I'll be setting up an Ubuntu box with:

  • / [ext4]
  • /home [ext4]
  • /media/data [ext4]
  • /media/torrents [?]

Normally I'd make the /media/torrents partition ext4 without considering other options. However, in light of the information linked to above, perhaps there's a better alternative.

The proposed /media/torrents partition will be read and written to 24/7 but will only ever reach ~85% of the partition's capacity.

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Ext4 will handle it just fine, which is basically while Gilles said. There also is little to no benefit to breaking the disk into 4 partitions. You most likely will be better off with at most / and /home partitions.

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there might be multiple disks, internal or external, involved. – Lekensteyn Apr 20 '11 at 14:06
Sorry I wasn't clear with that. The /media/data & /media/torrents partitions will sit on the 2nd HDD. So I'll stay with ext4 then if there's no outstanding file system for this type of workload. Gilles answer to the other question just made me a little curious that there may be a better choice. – boehj Apr 20 '11 at 14:43
In case you have several hard-disk, you may want to use LVM ( for a more flexible solution. You can even grow your partitions on the fly by adding more disks later on. – Laurent Grégoire Mar 10 '13 at 12:38

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