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I'm considering about buying Dell inspiron 15z (5523) laptop, but I'm not sure if touch screen of laptop will compatible with Ubuntu. Also, because I couldn't know the model or company of touch screen, I couldn't find if it will be compatible with Ubuntu.

If someone has Inspiron 15z with touch screen, could you please give me an answer? Thank you very much :)

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It is compatible and it works during the installation of Ubuntu 13.04 32-bit which includes selecting/activating items on the screen but when I got into the actual operating system the activating items ceased to work but I can still move the cursor around.

Simple restart fixed me being unable to activate objects on the screen. So to answer that is a definite yes on it being compatible :) hope you have a fun time with your laptop.


Brand: Dell

Model: Inspiron 15z (touch)

Processor: Intel Core I7-3537U Ivybridge 2.0Ghz


HDD 1: 500GB sata II (Seagate)

HDD 2: 32GB SSD (Samsung)

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