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I'm really a noob with Ubuntu; after installing 13.04 to replace WinXP on my HPzv5034 laptop, all works fine up to the login screen. After logging in (myself or as Guest) I get a screen with a mouse pointer and nothing else. The display is a vertical gradient of black to a reddish color, left to right. If I can get to the terminal window (not always) startx works (kindof) but real slow. I've tried just about every suggestion I can find in Ask-Ubuntu, even though I don't really know Linux well. Some I understand, some not. Display is a chip is a Radeon 9000 if that matters. Any ideas from anyone on this? I'm in the transition phase away from MS, but so far the experience is not living up to the advertised ease of installation and use. Best regards to anyone that can help and improve my first date with Ubuntu/Linux. Dave

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Hello and welcome to Ask Ubuntu. Could you please give us more information about your Computer? I couldn't find much about HPzv5034. How much RAM does your computer have? Please hit the edit link below your question and add the information. –  MadMike Oct 17 '13 at 5:06
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