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I want one window to loose mouse focus (its a game, and alt-tab doesnt work as it should).

There is this interesting commit that i reached with searching and reading, but dont know how to use DeaGrb feature.

Edit1: There are some applications(games mostly) which exclusively grab mouse focus, and if you press alt-tab, your mouse focus wont switch to another window, I want to force such applications to release all focus they have, i think that AllowDeactivateGrabs config var in X server should have similar effect, but it is deprecated...

Edit2: @poolie, no it is not duplicate question, it is releated, but definetely not duplicate

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Just what do you mean by "loose mouse focus"? Do you mean you don't want alt-tab to work in that window? – poolie Apr 19 '11 at 23:18
Is this a duplicate of question 22303? If so, please don't spam multiple questions about the same problem. Just make the original question clearer. – poolie Apr 20 '11 at 0:37

I'm not an X expert, but I don't think that patch is really relevant to having different focus behaviour between different windows.

If you are asking for just some windows to use focus-follows-mouse, you can probably configure that into a sufficiently flexible window manager. It might be possible in Compiz; it's almost certainly possible in Sawfish.

If your problem is just that the game uses Alt-tab for its own purposes, you can just remove that from the Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts configuration window.

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