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When I bought my new laptop it already came with Windows 7 installed- however, I always prefer to install my own partition. So I deleted (during the Windows 7 installation) as many of the existing partitions as I could so that I just had three remaining- 100GB for Win 7, 20GB for future Ubuntu and something like 100MB it wouldnt let me delete.

Windows 7 is installed fine, however I have Ubuntu on a USB Stick (which has installed to previous laptops in the past with no problems) and when I select to install Ubuntu it tells me no other operating systems can be detected. Obviously I dont want it to overwrite my Windows 7- but I have no idea what I can do.

I'm not an expert with Linux, so any suggestions/instructions please bear this in mind.


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One of the possibilities: Sometimes when a disk with NTFS partitions is ... not completely healthy, it seems that the ubuntu installer can't detect the partitions as a valid. Here is a thead about it: ubuntu.5.x6.nabble.com/… –  thom Nov 5 '13 at 23:52

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