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Opening an image in GIMP for editing brings up three separate windows, two side panels that open left and right of center to hold the toolbox and other settings, and the image to be edited in the center.

It would be ideal to have the window containing the image open so that its borders fit between the side panels in the available screen space. The GIMP tries to do this by zooming the image to a percentage of full scale. Oftentimes I find that the window's right edge, with the scroll bar, is behind the right side panel.

My work-around is to zoom the image out to where it is in full view, then shrink-wrap the edit window's borders to fit the image (view menu). I can then zoom in on the image and scroll horizontally and vertically to see the part up-close that I need to work on.

I just recently went to a wide screen monitor, so I have more space in the middle, and moved the right panel to the far right. The edit window still hides behind the right panel.

Just as there is a setting to select which tool I open up with by default, I should be able to set the maximum width of this window.

Right now I am using Ubuntu 10.04, since the computer with 12.04 had a hard drive starting to fail. I am enjoying some of the features of this version, for I have a black, large mouse pointer and was able to configure more color preferences in my theme. It also will suspend magnificently when I let the computer go to sleep.

But back to my question, is there a setting I should look for in the GIMP to limit the screen space the image window can open into?

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