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I've installed ubuntu 13.10 RC and now I'm experiencing some high temperatures (I experienced this on 13.04 as well). The temps are higher with 10-15C than their equivalents on windows. My notebook is a Sony Vaio S with nvidia graphics 640M LE. These temps are as high immediately after installation with zero load.

I tried installing nvidia-current and nvidia-settings which after a restart, when I logged in I was presented with a black desktop with just the cursor. After I uninstalled the nvidia packets and did a clean with auto-remove when I tried logging in again, instead of being redirected to the desktop it kept redirecting me to the login again. BTW, I tried checking the Additional Drivers and it didn't suggest any proprietary drivers to install.

Does anyone have any suggestions with regards to these temps with that model of the nvidia card? If possible I'd like to permanently use the intel card.


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