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I am trying to navigate to my Downloads folder. I got to /home but no further... I did cd /home/Downloads and /downloads and sudo cd /home/downloads (I don't know if the last is correct, but anyway) and also have set set completion-ignore-case on just to be sure, but still no success.

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We only judge the people with bad questions. An arrogant man may consider yours stupid, but it surely isn't bad. ;-] – David Foerster Oct 15 '13 at 20:46
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Try cd ~/Downloads.

The reason you can't cd /home/Downloads is because /home holds all users' home folders. There is no Downloads folder there. Say your username is johndoe. In this case your home folder will be /home/johndoe.

Either way, it is easier to use ~ which is a substitute to your home folder.

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