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I'm using Ubuntu12.04 with xfce-desktop. I can apply a keyboard shortcut successfully for gnome-screenshot gnome-screenshot -w through Settings Manager->Keyboard->Shortcut.
The weird thing is that it didn't trigger any event when I change the command to gnome-screenshot -a,but I can still run gnome-screenshot -a from terminal.
BTW, xfce4-screenshot -r works but the background will get dark, so I prefer to use gnome-screenshot -a.

Does anyone have any idea about this problem? Thanks!

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Is your question related to: Xubuntu: Unable to bind arbitrary shortcut keys ? What keybinding did you use in this case (say, ctrl+shift+j)? –  landroni Jan 14 at 10:01
I'm afraid not. I used ctrl+PrtSc, the weird part is that I can bind it to gnome-screenshot -w but fail for gnome-screenshot -a. –  AmareKnight Jan 15 at 2:06
That's strange and I can't really explain. Did you consider trying the alternative xfce4-screenshot? –  landroni Jan 15 at 7:21
@well, like I posted in the question, I can use xfce4-screenshot but I just prefer the gnome one. Anyway, I've been using xfce4-screenshot for a while and getting used to it. It's still a strange bug, though. Thanks all the same. –  AmareKnight Jan 15 at 8:29
Sorry, I misread. (But the OP would be more readable if you put code in formatting.) I'm not familiar with gnome-screenshot, but what do you mean by "xfce4-screenshot -r works but the background will get dark"? Here xfce4-screenshooter -r works as I expect it to. –  landroni Jan 15 at 9:37

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