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I have 10 old computers (like thin clients) without HDD. So i decided to use Lubuntu as Operating System. In my work we have a PXE server with DHCP and TFTP, they built a debian distro before and for the menu.cfg, they used boot=live but in lubuntu they use nfs and boot must be boot=casper, so here my problem begins, i tried to change the vmlinuz and initrd, but then i am getting a kernel panic error. Is there a script that i can merge squashfs and initrd.gz, so the thin clients will begin directly over initrd.gz. OR is there any other solution?

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One way is to use memdisk from syslinux-common package to boot using ISO image directly though TFTP.

  1. Copy memdisk & ISO images to TFTP root
  2. Add menu entries to PXE configuration file, Example:

    LABEL slitaz
        MENU LABEL ^Slitaz.iso
        TEXT HELP
    Testing boot from iso.
        KERNEL memdisk
        APPEND initrd=slitaz-cooking.iso
    LABEL mini_ubutnu
        MENU LABEL Mini-Ubuntu
        KERNEL memdisk
        APPEND initrd=ubuntu_mini.iso
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Look into

I was once able to successfully boot lubuntu over the network with ease (as a live cd). I do not know whether you are looking for a live cd option or if you want to have a true thin client solution. However, I have recently been having troubles figuring out how to get NFS working properly. See my post on it..... What nfs export settings do I need to boot the Ubuntu live discs over a network?

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