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The screen is shutting off when power settings are NOT set to make it turn off.

I am running Ubuntu 13.04 on an Gateway NV57H44u. For some reason my screen keeps going to sleep (going blank) after 10 minutes of being idle, but I have the screen saver turned off and I have the power settings set to NEVER turn off or dim the monitor.

I also checked to make sure that there wasn't a setting in the BIOS that could be doing this and there are no power saving settings in my BIOS.


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Could you please share both screenshots for "Brightness & Lock" and "Power" from the System Configuration options.

Also, did you look into the /var/log/syslog to check if there is anything that could lead you to the root cause of your screen being powered off ?

Two more things:

Is there any script running on the crontab that could turn off the screen ?

Is there any application that could turn off the screen?


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