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Why is it not possible to edit file names in the open file window dialogues? For instance, by pressing F2 (as per example on LibreOffice open document window dialogue).

This is very useful and Windows has does this for a long time (it's just necessary to select one file and press F2... ) Gnome just allows this on the desktop and Nautilus windows (why these windows are not based on Nautilus?)

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This is a very old bug in Gnome. In the past it has seemed that the Gnome/GTK developers believe users should just use their File Manager to manage files and use the "file-chooser" to choose files for opening or saving, but not renaming or deleting.

Perhaps the developers can be convinced otherwise.

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"Perhaps the developers can be convinced otherwise." -- No luck so far. – wilx Mar 11 '15 at 8:54

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