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I´m trying to install Ubuntu 13.04 in my Samsung N210.

I have my disk drive partitioned by default 50% and 50%.

I´ve found here some nice n00b instructions, for people in my situation (my first experience with Linux).

When I´ve tried to install it from the USB, it restarted. I´ve found someone with the exact problem. It explains there that there were 4 partitions (it wouldn´t kill to show the drive letter that identifies it!). I just assume in my case the latest partition is the D drive.

I´ve selected it and I´ve stepped with the "No root file system is defined" issue. Again, I´ve found the solution: I have to slecet the drive and format it as ext4, and select / as the boot root.

But now it tells me that I need 2 partitions to install Linux, but I can´t select from the installation window the empty partition! (it´s in grey). And if i try to continue it appears this message that says "You have not selected any partitions for use as swap space [...]"

How may I proceed? Thanks for your help!!

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