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I'm a bit of a Ubuntu-newbie but this i my problem: I bought my Lenovo thinkpad edge 335e a few weeks ago and I'm running Ubuntu 13.10 on it with no major problems. The sole annoyance has been that it wont wake up from hibernation, which seems to be a quite common problem.

Well I looked around here trying to fix it and tried the sudo pm-hibernate command and what happened was that my computer restarted and started in hibernation mode and wont wake up. There were a few messages before it restarted but I had no time to read them.

So, now my computer starts in hibernation mode and wont wake up, I've tried to start in safe mode (using shift) but the screen's just black. I've tried plugging in the usb-stick that I used to install Ubuntu, still just black. I can hear the hard drive spinning a bit after restart but nothing more. The light is on. I can't enter any commands.

Please help as I have a lot of work on my computer that I require access to.

Ohyeah, I'm using the non-proprietary graphics drivers.

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Ok, this is what I did: I removed the battery and the computer started. Or rather, it woke up from hibernation, as all of the windows and the terminal were as when I entered the command. I really don't know if it is a solution. But I must say, this hibernation and suspension business is quite annoying. –  John H Oct 13 '13 at 12:00

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