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I'm having a problem. I have set an environment variable in /etc/environment using BOOST_LIBRARYDIR="/usr/local/lib/boost/release".

echo $BOOST_LIBRARYDIR correctly echoes the value to the terminal. However, if I execute echo $BOOST_LIBRARYDIR in a script using ./ it shows the env variable as empty. As I understand it, it should be set also for child processes?

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If you want an environment variable to be passed to children you must export it. To verify if it is exported use the env command. The safest way to do this is as follows.

BOOST_LIBRARYDIR="/usr/local/lib/boost/release"; export BOOST_LIBRARYDIR

Newer shells like bash and ksh accept the simpler form.

export BOOST_LIBRARYDIR ="/usr/local/lib/boost/release"
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Since /etc/environment seems to be sourced from /etc/init/gdm.conf, I think you can substitute your line with

export BOOST_LIBRARYDIR="/usr/local/lib/boost/release"
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