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I have 6 services that I need to deploy with 5 physical servers. Would it be ok to deploy juju gui with haproxy? How would you deploy multiple services to one server. I saw some documentation for deploying to same server but they were for openstack and I couldn't find anything for MAAS.

I have tried both

juju deploy --to 0


juju deploy --force-machine 0

I get unrecognized arguments.

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I got juju deploy --to working. I had to update to the latest stable version of juju.

It would be helpful to add that to the MaaS documentation for juju quick start.

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You could also use jitsu to achieve the same with an older version. I am using an older juju version and I downloaded a jitsu deb that I installed and used successfully.

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i've used that to deploy more services on the same node

$: juju deploy --to 0 "service1" "service2" "service3"
$: juju deploy --to 1 "service4"
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