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I want to be able to take screenshots of Context Menus and Popups when I hit my hotkeys for taking a selection Screenshot, I use the keys Alt+Shift+$ for Selection Screenshot or use my other setup hotkeys Alt+Shift+£ for Window Screenshot. These hotkeys and the Prt Sc key doesn't activate the screenshot selections when I press them with a open Context Menu or Popup.

I know there's the scrot -cd 5 command in Terminal, but it's not very practical from just simply being able to take a screenshot of anything with the defined hotkeys or Prt Sc key. I have searched upon many places and not a single answer to be found on how to make this a function for GNOME Screenshot, at least add it in so it will just let the use of the hotkeys for screenshots. Also read that this isn't even a feature in gnome-screenshot itself for it to even work.

Would there be any way to actually modify gnome-screenshot to add this function/feature in so I can actually take screenshot of anything or do I have to use an alternative solution like shutter application or scrot until it's made into a workable featured function?

My Hotkeys for taking screenshots are same as what is used on Mac OSX, and I am using UK English Extended Keyboard.

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