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I am a Newbie but learning fast. I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed on a Acer One laptop which is certified compatible by Canonical. After installing Ubuntu, I switched my ISP from AT&T DSL to AT&T Uverse. The Ubuntu OS had no problems with the old DSL but will not connect to Uverse. The wireless works flawlessly everywhere else: office, school, book store, coffee shop, etc, but not at home with the Uverse wireless. It still works plugged into the Ethernet. The Uverse wireless works with all other laptops and devises since they are either Apple or Windows. Needless to say, AT&T offers no help, since after the fact, they blow you off with the statement that they don't support Linux distros. The Uverse gateway is the 2-Wire 3600HGV which is modem, router, and wireless all in one. The Ubuntu connection sees the Uverse wireless, tries to connect, and seems to cycle connecting and disconnecting immediately. I have checked all of the simple solutions: everything is right. Thank you for your help.

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