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Suppose I am trying some distro (with Gnome) and I like some theme. How can I copy for installation in another computer?

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Usually GTK themes that installed by package manager stored is /usr/share/themes. When you install theme as user, it sets in .themes directory in your home.

You can just copy directory with the same name as theme you like into the same directory in another computer (to /usr/share/themes if you want use it system-wide, or in ~/.themes).

Also you can check the index.theme and look for dependencies. For example this picture shows that the themes "elementary", "eHomosapien", "elementary-monochrome" and "Shere_Khan_X" are also needed for "PinguyOS" theme to work well.

enter image description here

Finally, to change the pointer the following is needed since Ubuntu 10.10:

Edit this file:

gksu gedit /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme  

and add the theme you want (see this example:)

enter image description here

Than restart compiz:

compiz --replace  
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Thank you very much! I've edited to include some details. – desgua Apr 18 '11 at 3:27

Open terminal and type
sudo nautilus
go to


You will see some folders with the name of the themes installed. copy the folder of the theme you were looking for and keep it somewhere else.

when u want 2 use the same theme on another computer copy the folder. again open terminal and type
sudo nautilus
again go to


and paste it there. then apply the theme using Gnome Tweak Tool

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