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So I installed wubi - ran it - it seemed okay.

Then a minute after seeing the Ubuntu logo and "preparing to run Ubuntu for the first time" it showed me a few errors, then screen kept flickering violently and I got scared so I forced a shut down, now in safe mode (I'm always in safe mode).

Could not remember anything about the errors other than they're related to b43 and it also told me to go to some kernel website for a download.

Yes - I already know about using the b43 installer commands to access wifi but I think this problem lies in actually installing Ubuntu.

Anybody needs system info, I'm glad to give it. I'm really wanting Ubuntu. Can't stand Windows anymore.

**Update: **I noticed that C:\ubuntu exists 0.0 and it is the size that I chose for installation...What could this mean??? It didn't seem like it installed but according to my C drive it did. What do I do?

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