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I would like to try to port Ubuntu Touch for a Desire S I have borrowed for a while. However, phablet-dev-bootstrap fails:


object e76efdd7b342577c40aa271fa5ded9d66a783a9b
type commit
tag v1.12.4
tagger Conley Owens  1380645867 -0700

repo 1.12.4

gpg: Podpisano wto, 1 paź 2013, 18:44:27 CEST z użyciem RSA kluczem o ID 692B382C
gpg: Nie można sprawdzić podpisu: brak klucza publicznego
error: could not verify the tag 'v1.12.4'

Has anyone experienced such an error and found any solution?

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I had a similar issue and found this StackOverflow question that seems to have fixed the issue for others:

I didn't read it correctly the first time, and the thing I did wrong was to download the repo file to ~/bin/repo. What I had to do was type which repo, and then copy the newly downloaded file over this one (in my case this was /usr/bin/repo). So my steps were:

curl >
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
which repo 
sudo mv /usr/bin/repo /usr/bin/repo2
sudo mv ~/bin/repo /usr/bin/repo

This has enabled me to progress further.

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