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So I just recently upgraded to 13.04 in the hopes that it would be friendlier to my newer PC's hardware (mainly I was hoping my dual monitor would work). Sadly after install I realized that less is working with the new version. At the moment the wifi is the biggest deal (I can use a mouse and usually don't use bluetooth). With my wifi, I am able to see the connection I want (maybe from my previous version of Ubuntu that I upgraded from) but I am not able to connect. In fact, I can't even see this "Enable Wi-Fi" option that people speak of. It just isn't there. I am at a loss and don't want to give up on Ubuntu because it is great when it works but I seem to be spending more time fixing than I spend working. Not sure if this matters but I have an Alienware M-14x with an Nvidia GeForce GT 650M and an i7 processor (but Ubuntu is using my crappy integrated card at the moment).

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