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I run Lubuntu 13.04 64bit on a wired LAN through a Virginmedia 'Superhub' wireless router. I can print and scan on my Samsung SCX-4729FW MFD when the printer is connected wirelessly to the network. If I then connect the MFD to the LAN by wire it continues to print and scan but it will only does so if the printer has been previously 'detected' in WIFI mode, and until the machine is rebooted. Within the same session, the MFD will continue to work in wired mode even if the printer is disconnected and reconnected from the mains or the wired network.

The wired network is a series of TP-Link 'Powerline' adaptors (LAN runs through household mains cabling) - one adaptor is plugged in to the wireless router.

I would like the printer to be wired all the time. How can I print to the wire-connected MFD without initially disconnecting wires to initiate the WIFI hookup?

I suspect this has something to do with IP addresses, DHCP and specifying configurations on startup...

Additional information (from MFD settings printout)

TCP/IPv4   IP assignment DHCP; IP Address ; SubNet Mask ; Default Gateway

TCP/IPv6 Protocol  Disabled
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