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I just installed Ubuntu 13.04. I used Wubi so I could have a windows dual boot setup because I am new to Linux and wanted to be able to switch back to Windows (7) if need be. Everything seemed to install properly.

I entered the initial information: installation size, drive, language, desktop envi, username, and password

I rebooted my computer and selected Ubuntu instead of windows, but when I enter my username and password (the same exact credentials I had typed in for the initial information window a few min. ago) it keeps giving me a wrong password error message. I can log in via a guest account, but cant do much from that. I cannot connect to the internet except with Ethernet cord. From the guest account I cannot edit user accounts.

[one thing I did notice that I thought was odd is that on the initial information window I mentioned above I remember it saying Ubuntu 12.04 but when I went into thew guest account and clicked system information it said I had Ubuntu 13.04....]

I am new to Linux, but I'm not a computer idiot and do not know what the problem could be??

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Have you tried reseting your password? Wouldn't hurt – arsaKasra Oct 10 '13 at 7:28
Wubi is no longer supported as of 13.04. At the Wubi download page, it is said "For 12.04 LTS only.". You'll be better off with a dual boot, but to reset your password, look here:… – minerz029 Oct 10 '13 at 10:40

You may want to boot into Single User mode and reset your password from there.

Follow the steps from this link.

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