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I have new lenovo g580 notebook, where I changed 1TB hard disk to 250ssd ocz-vertex4. I had previously installed windows and linux 12.04 on this disc and when I put it in new lenovo g580 suprisingly ubuntu has worked.

Till today... when I decided to format ssd and install ubuntu restoring disc space taken by unused win8. What I have done was creating bootable usb pendrive with ubuntu 12.04 x64. Boot system from it and install. Partition was like 16mb for grubBIOS area(something similar to this).

256mb for /boot (which I choose for bootable)
75gb for /
rest for /home. 

This is my partitioning settings. After installation when I get try ubuntu from usb live I can find this division and it seems to be correct. Unfortunatelly when I try to start from


BIOS Version: 5ECN42WW(V4.01)
EC Version:   5EEC42WW(V4.01)
CPU i5-3230M
USB Legacy enabled   [Enabled]
Wireless Lan Support [Enabled]
SATA Controller Mode [AHCI]
PXE Boot to Lan      [Disabled/Enabled]


UEFI Boot [Disabled/Enabled]

Boot Device Priority:

1.Internal HDD: OCZ-VERTEX4
3.USB HDD:      KingstonDataTraveler G3

When I start it displays:

No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key.

What would be the solution for this problem?

When I get F12 during bios startup, it shows me the list which has this:

Internal HDD: OCZ-VERTEX4..
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