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I have an HP LaserJet 4014n hooked up to a CUPS installation on Ubuntu Server 12.04. It's shared to a number of Windows clients. When someone sends a print job, it is held in a queue until a staff member releases it. This is to allow cash sales printing in a library: patrons print, pay at the desk, then the staff release the print job and hand it to the patron.

Everything works fine, except for MS Word 2010 documents, which print out wrong. The content is all there, but the left margin is always about an inch larger than expected, offsetting the whole page to the right.

Other programs work normally. Print jobs sent from Notepad print without any offset. Ditto for PDF documents. It's just MS Word that's affected.

Furthermore, the offset ONLY happens when CUPS is part of the print procedures. I tried sending a few Word print jobs directly to the printer, bypassing the CUPS part entirely, and they came out without any offset.

Is there any setting I can adjust, either on the CUPS end or the Windows end, to make it respect the margins in Word documents?

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The problem turned out to be an incorrect installation of the drivers on some of the Windows boxes, but not all of them. We reinstalled and it works now. –  Will Martin Oct 16 '13 at 21:30

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