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I did copy the firmware, installed the gobi-loader as ThinkWiki suggests. lsusb shows Bus 00 Device 005: ID 05c6:9205 Qualcomm, Inc. The 9205 indicates that the firmware is loaded correctly. I can switch WWan on/off via the fn-key. SIM is insterted correctly, I tried with and without PIN disabled. The APN for O2 germany is correct. NetworkManager still shows "Mobile Boradband": disabled and it does not connect, if I click the connection I set up in Network Manager.

Any suggestions, what I could try?

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P.S.: Yes, I did add "modem" use to the rights of the user I am logged in with. It's the latest Ubuntu 13.10 with Xfce 4.10 –  martin Oct 9 '13 at 5:29

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