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Inserting a blank dvd does not pop up the autoplay. Search in dash or ubuntu software centre does not match anything called CD / DVD Creator.

I tried Brasero but it crashes.

I'm just trying to burn an .avi file

Here it is on the web

but can't find it on my system.

Windows burned the disk fine. Back in Ubuntu I can use the Send To method and this time when I insert the blank disc I get "Unable to mount blank DVD R disk, location is already mounted" error and a DVDR icon in the launcher. Ignoring the error I can get to the CD/DVD Creator... and it works now?! Thanks for your help still not sure why it's so temperamental.

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Does the blank dvd's and cd's work in windows – krishna kaanthh Oct 8 '13 at 13:23… lists GnomeBaker, k3b and other burner apps. You may consider one of those. – K7AAY Oct 8 '13 at 18:38

The way i use the nautilus cd/dvd burner is quite easy.

  • Select files and folders that you want to write to disc in nautilus.
  • Right-click those selected files/folders to get the context menu to appear.
  • In the contextual menu choose "Send to... " .
  • When the "Send to.." box appears,choose "cd/dvd creator" as the destination.
  • Also choose new cd/dvd right below and remove the check from the compression checkbox.
  • Press the send button.
  • You will now see a new window with the selected items, you can change the title and add or remove items to write to disc.
  • When you are ready to write the disc, just press write to disc button.
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@leep does this answer work for your situation ? – marc-andre benoit Oct 18 '13 at 14:42

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