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I recently began studying again and had to install windows 7 to run some proprietary software(Autocad). I used to run Ubuntu 13.04 and all was good. However to install windows I made a complete re-installation as it sounded like the easiest thing to do at the time (no need to reconfigure grub or shrinking partitions and all that).

I then went on to installed Ubuntu again to run alongside windows - but the install was somehow interrupted or the usb had a flaw, I dunno. Anyhow the grub-install part worked - I could boot, get the choice between ubuntu or windows only Ubuntu doesn't work. I then (for some reason) decided to install Linux Mint. It worked like a charm and is currently running.

But, when booting, the computer will first load grub with the options of either Linux Mint, (some recovery modes) or a windows loader. Choosing the windows loader it loads grub again, but this time the "original" one with the options of Ubuntu or windows. From here I can choose windows and it works fine still. All just rather annoying and messy.

Now I would really like to have to only go through one grub menu. And hopefully without having to reinstall Windows.

I hope someone has an idea for an approach to solve the problem, or just some input to an explanation in plain words what has happened.

Best regards //A

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