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How to remove all the lines from the text file containing the words "cat" and "rat"?

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This sounds suspiciously like a homework assignment. Please remember to attribute your answer to the nice folks over at Askubuntu. – zwets Oct 7 '13 at 19:59
That a part of the big project, I am new to Linux environment. – PersonX Oct 7 '13 at 20:05
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grep approach

To create a copy of the file without lines matching "cat" or "rat", one can use grep in reverse (-v) and with the whole-word option (-w).

grep -vwE "(cat|rat)" sourcefile > destinationfile

The whole-word option makes sure it won't match cats or grateful for example. Output redirection of your shell is used (>) to write it to a new file. We need the -E option to enable the extended regular expressions for the (one|other) syntax.

sed approach

Alternatively, to remove the lines in-place one can use sed -i:

sed -i "/\b\(cat\|rat\)\b/d" filename

The \b sets word boundaries and the d operation deletes the line matching the expression between the forward slashes. cat and rat are both being matched by the (one|other) syntax we apparently need to escape with backslashes.

Tip: use sed without the -i operator to test the output of the command before overwriting the file.

(Based on Sed - Delete a line containing a specific string)

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Thank you much for your detailed explanation!!!!! – PersonX Oct 7 '13 at 20:11

To test in terminal only, use:

sed '/[cr]at/d' file_name

To really remove those lines from the file, use:

sed -i '/[cr]at/d' file_name
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Thank you much!!! – PersonX Oct 7 '13 at 19:55

Try the vim-way:

ex +"g/[cr]at/d" -scwq file.txt
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Consider if you have file with file_name and you want to search for mouse but on the same time few rows from mouse having other words like cat and rat and you don't want to see those in your output, so the one way to do it is -

grep -r mouse file_name | grep -vE "(cat|rat)"
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