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I'm using the following instruction to install and configure Hadoop on Ubuntu 10.10.

I tried to save the compressed tar.gz file to /usr/local/ but it just won't save.

I've tried saving the tar.gz in my home folder and desktop and copying the files to the desired folder, but I get an error that tells me I don't have permission.

How do I save and extract a tar.gz folder to /usr/local/hadoop?

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The instructions there say you should be using sudo to execute commands. If you're following those directions to the letter the problem might be that you don't have sudo privileges. Is this a machine that someone else is the primary administrator of? – Amanda Nov 21 '11 at 1:59
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You need to be root to write to /usr/local. Run the file manager as root using

gksu nautilus

Then copy and paste or extract the archive.

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