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my partition looks like this:
1mb unused
256mb "efi boot"
500mb /boot (unencrypted)
16gb swap encrypted
rest / encrypted
(etc. e.g. /home encrypted)

all primary

after installation the following error comes:
... cryptosetup: lvm is not available ...
see the image as well:

could you please help what do i do wrong? thanks!

Maybe I should also mention, that using the same partitioning with Ubuntu Desktop installation Image the install is fine. So it boots and asks x-times for the password. The reason I need the server image, that I need the mdadm package for raid as well, and for me its easier to create the raid arrays with the server installer menu, rather than in command line. But if I didn't succeed with the server image, and no answers are arriving, i am forced to use the desktop installer + command line for the raid arrays...

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