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Title says it all. I have Ubuntu 12.10 running on an ASUS G73JH-BST7. Occasionally when I come back from suspend, the system hangs with a black screen, with NO cursor. I have no way out of it, only a reboot. Details:

  • No mouse movement helps.
  • No hard drive activity.
  • The WiFi light never turns back on.
  • Display illuminates, but is a black screen.
  • No switching to a virtual console.

In retrospect, I have not tried a REISUB.

This has happened as far back as I've had the computer (since the beginning of the year), but happens with random occurrences; the most recent happened just before this posting; it also happened yesterday (about 5 suspends between), but the one before that happened months before, with most likely over 100 suspends between the two. The problem has occurred both on AC and on battery.

The hardware is stock, except for the following modifications:

  • Wireless card was a Intel 6250 (WiFi + WiMAX, which I have no use for), which I changed to an Intel 6235 (WiFi + Bluetooth)
  • The original 750GB hard drive is installed, along with a 500GB hard drive in the second bay. I'll get specifics if needed.
  • I received the laptop with a broken screen, and I replaced the display. I'll get specifics if needed.

In the past two instances at least, nothing external has been plugged into the laptop. The system almost constantly has it's WiFi active.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose are welcome.

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