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The problem occurs when I try to:

  • connect to external monitor

  • make screen goes black with Fn+F7

  • apply to display settings

  • and now most recently after installing some updates

After installing Ubuntu 12.04 everything works just fine. I can control the volume with my Fn keys, switch between keyboard layouts, see my battery status etc. from the top menu bar.

But, when I do one of the things listed above, both icons and keyboard shor-cuts "disappears" from the system. My Firefox also get a strange grey theme, not the original black one. Short-cuts like Ctrl+Alt+L and those that I have created my self are not working and not possible to call back.

I have tried almost everything, like reinstalling unity, create new user accounts, try to reinstall "battery indicator", and several different options. But nothing except from reinstalling the OS seams to help.

Is there anybody that have stumbled upon a problem like this, and might have a solution?

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on a Asus U41J laptop with a Nvidea GeForce GT425M Cuba graphic card.

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