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I'm trying to use my headphones with my Ubuntu 13.10. My headphones are Nokia BH-905i, which can be connected via Bluetooth or green+pink wires.

If I use bluetooth, voice quality is terrible or microphone doesn't work. If I try to choose "Headset" option from In and Out tabs in Sound Settings, they're disabling each together.

In Out tab, I'm using "High sound quality A2DP", because it betters voice quality.

How could I get my microphone working? Sound out works fine.

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By design, the Bluetooth A2DP profile is unidirectional. We can not use a microphone unless our headset and adapter were capable to be paired simultaneously on both HSP, and A2DP protocol, or the application switches from A2DP to HSP on demand.

See also this enlightning discussion on bug #508522.

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