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I want to make a radio player based on Gnome MPlayer, but just for one radio station, some like a native radio application. I don't know if I have permission to modify MPlayer, but since is open source... An if I have permission to mofify it, where do i find the containing folder of it. This is what I want to create

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You don't need to modify Mplayer at all. Just write your own GUI shell around it. Much like SMplayer and Gnome-Mplayer are developed. Just download the sources of the packages using apt-get source and follow the regular Ubuntu/Debian application development how-to's. You've got several choices for the GUI front-end. Python with Qt, native Gnome/C or GTK/Vala, etc. etc. Make your question a bit more narrow after some research, that would give a lot more useful answers. – gertvdijk Oct 6 '13 at 11:25
Thanks all for the answer, the app i whanted to create is now on development here – iuliancalin Jun 24 '14 at 9:52

as gertvdijk said, you dont need to modify mplayer, but to answer the question 'where do i find the containing folder of it'

    which mplayer

that will show you where mplayer is installed, or atleast give you a symlink to the installation path. and to find out if its a symlink or not

    file /usr/bin/mplayer

that will tell you what kind of file it is and if its a symlink, it will also tell you what its linking too.

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which shows where the binary is ... perhaps using where mplayer would be more appropriate? Or using dpkg -L mplayer to list all of the installed files? – jm_____ Jun 24 '14 at 2:57

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