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I have 2 questions about Mythubuntu:

  1. How can i integrade Mythubuntu (for watching live tv & record it) in xbmc? Do i have to install mythubuntu first, and then install xbmc? Or is there a plugin in xbmc for mythubuntu?

  2. If you want to record a tv-program, wil the computer automaticly wake up if it must record something?


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If you are using Mythbuntu, it is a complete OS, so that needs to be installed before XBMC.

Instructions of how to configure XBMC to interact with MythTV:

MythTV does support ACPI wakeup :

MythTV has the ability to write the date and time of the next recording to the RTC. This allows your machine to automatically shutdown (or suspend) and turn on again a few minutes before it needs to record again.

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