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I have the June version of the Series 9 from Samsung, and I'm running Saucy Salamander to get the touchpad working correctly. The laptop is overheating though fairly often, and I haven't found any set of tools for power management that help me govern fan performance for this laptop.

I am a developer and can happily provide any information requested. (I have done only a very minimal amount of driver work.) Sensors indicates that at its warmest it runs at 80C. At this temperature, the laptop becomes non-responsive. I typically have to shut it down.

I am nearly at the point of selling this one on Craigslist and getting something else, because I use this laptop for work and having it freeze on me twice a day is a major distraction. But I really enjoy the form factor, screen, and keyboard of the Samsung and would prefer not to, so any help would be appreciated.

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