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In my file browser, it lists all the drives and devices available for browsing. There is one that is from another OS installation, and I want to remove it from the list.

Hiding devices using /etc/udev/rules.d/ works for other devices I want to hide, except this one.

The UUID for the device is different from the ones for the partitions.

$ sudo blkid

-shows this device is associated with the device mapper.

deleting the link in /dev/mapper/relevant-link-name didnt work because device mapper made another very quickly.

How can I hide this device from the file browser?

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Device mapper creates references to partitions or devices, and associates a UUID that is different to the one seen in partition managers. Its not a new or separate device, its just a new reference.

The file browser will display this device, even if it is hidden by a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/

Use the file browser to get the UUID of the device, via properties.

List all the devices and find the one with that UUID, find out its name:

$ sudo blkid

If the device you want to hide is associated with the device mapper, ie /dev/mapper/device-name you can proceed to remove that reference by following the instructions below.

List the LVM devices to see if that device appears:

$ sudo lvdisplay

If so, then list the device mapper groups to see if it matches:

$ sudo vgscan

If so, then delete that group (change groupname to yours, no quotes):

$ sudo vgremove groupname

The device should no longer appear in your browser, even after restarting.

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Using lvdisplay, vgscan, vgremove as @user195059 suggests probably works, but they are in the lvm2 package which I no longer have installed.

Instead I used

$ sudo dmsetup info

which showed "Name: unwantedDevice" of my unwanted /dev/mapper/unwantedDevice and "State: ACTIVE". I unmounted the device (from its menu in the Unity panel), then issued

$ sudo dmsetup remove unwantedDevice

and it looks like it took. I also ran sudo update-initramfs -u.

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