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I have the following setup: Ubuntu 13.04 with wired connection to router and Debian server running in VirtualBox under Ubuntu (with bridged network adapter).

I installed and configured Bind9 on Debian successfully and I am able to resolve A and AAAA records when using IPv4 to reach Debian from Ubuntu. I am also able to resolve the same records when manually specifying IPv6 address of DNS server in dig, for example:

dig @<<#IPv6 address#>> AAAA host.domain.com

What I want to do now is to configure Ubuntu to use IPv6 to reach the DNS server in Debian. I played a bit with the network manager in Ubuntu and so far I was unsuccessful.

What I did:

I configured IPv4 tab in my eth connection to "Automatic (DHCP), addresses only" and didn't specify any nameserver. Then I configured IPv6 tab to "Automatic, addresses only" and specified the IPv6 address of Debian as the nameserver.

Now this may seem as a correct configuration but it's not working. The output of "nmcli dev list iface eth0" command is not showing any IP6.DNS lines (note: normally when I use IPv4 to reach Debian, there is a line IP4.DNS with value equal to IPv4 address of Debian). This means that Ubuntu only uses IPv4 to reach the DNS server. If there is no IPv4 address of DNS server configured, DNS is completely unreachable (even when I configured it's IPv6 address in the ethernet connection).

So I guess I am missing something in the configuration. Any pointers would be appreciated. Again, I want to be able to reach my DNS server with IPv6 by default, not IPv4. Thanks and cheers!

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Did it correctly generate your /etc/resolv.conf file? Take a look at it. –  Michael Hampton Dec 26 '13 at 6:14

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