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I am looking for a clipboard manager with favorites feature. That is, I should be able to star or mark some clipboard items as favorites. These items should never be removed from the clipboard history.

I am using Diodon currently and it does not have this feature.

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I can recommend Parcellite as it is not only a very sound and at the same time lightweight Clipboard Manager, but you can also save your "favorites" in its Actions tab.

Go to Preferences > Actions, and then enter a label for your favorite item under the Action column, and then go to Command column to simply enter your favorite text preceded by the command parcellite (For example; Action: my email address Command: parcellite

To use your favorite text, you'll only need to press Ctrl+Alt+A and then choose its label (e.g. "my email address") from the popup menu, followed by the usual Ctrl+V, and there you have your email address instantly pasted.

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Keepboard provides the ability to create custom groups for clipboard items. It ships with Favorites group already pre-created by default.

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