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I've often used a lot of keyboard layouts as I speak a few languages and typing on that language's keyboard is generally easier than trying to recall the unicode codes for accents, but I've run into a little problem.

Following instructions in posts like this one, I set up a Custom Shortcut to switch between three languages:

English: Ctrl + Shift + 1
Spanish: Ctrl + Shift + 2
Nepali: Ctrl + Shift + 3

Using the setxkbmap us, setxkbmap es, and setxkbmap np commands respectively.

Now the problem is as follows:

Even though this works it clears out all the keyboard layouts in the Gnome Toolbar so that the only one listed is the one I've switched too. I'm wondering how to prevent that from happening so that I can switch using either shortcut (the normal switch keyboard shortcut or my custom ones) or by clicking the gnome toolbar.

If you can't prevent setxkbmap from removing all the shortcuts from the list is there another way to switch keyboard layouts using commands like setxkbmap?

I can't seem to find any information on this, and if it comes down to it I'll have to forgo the quicker shortcuts in favor of stability with the existing ones.

Thanks to any help you all have to offer.

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